Body By Design Day #51

I went back into my walking routine.  Seriously, it was like 70 degrees here yesterday.  So lovely!  This week is a bit crazy at work because we're having a series of  big events during the week.  I'm trying to keep my routines as much as I can to get a sense of sanity.   It also helps to feel I do have control at least over things like what I eat, how much I move and making it to the gym.  Even late at night.  This is proof of the time we got home from the gym last night... Tough.  But so worth it.

I had some of the beans with a bit of rice for lunch and when i got home, had some with a fried egg and avocado.  All in small portions!  Then something magical happened: I took a nap!  It may seem odd but I don't usually nap.  I had this strange idea that if I slept at any time other than at night, then I wouldn't be able to sleep later.  Well, I was reading a book after dinner (love having dinner @6pm) and I fell asleep.  For two hours! It felt so good!  And when I woke up at 8pm, the last thing I wanted was to go to the gym.  But then I thought of how I feel when I leave the gym: strong, accomplished, in control, vibrant.... so we went.

15-minute mile on the elliptical:

and 15-minute mile on the treadmill (the 2.0 mph happened during cool down):

Not impressive numbers I know (110 calories?? not fair!), but I went and after I took a shower, I had such a good night's sleep.  Good day.


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