Body By Design Day #43

Monday was so tough to get back to work. But in the words of Four Hour Body author, Time Ferris: "The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit".  We've completed more than half of the 12-week program!

Nothing eventful on Monday, except that we did realize that we're not intimidated by the "perfect" bodies at the gym anymore.

There's a section where they do free weights, dumbells, etc.  And the people that hang out there are always the same: overgrown muscles, weight-belt-wearing, and "I-grunt-when-I-lift" type of people.  We always looked at them and didn't dare to go to that area with our bodies in progress and our Body By Design book (which we carry everywhere to make sure we're doing the exercises correctly).  Well, on Monday we found ourselves there.  I had a barbell with tiny weights the size of a CD and we didn't care.  We actually felt we belonged.


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