Slow Down!

I was rushing to catch the train at Grand Central Terminal this morning (story of my life…) And when I approached the escalator, there was this elderly gentleman standing right in the middle of it. My first impulse was to say “excuse me” and continue my rush frenzy. Instead, I stood behind him and thought about grandmothers and grandfathers. How their presence makes us slow down (it’s a good thing folks), put a pause to the anxiety of everyday life and listen, really pay attention to what they have to say. Or just stand behind them on an escalator when we’re rushing to go to work so that they can teach us a lesson. Thanks Grand Central Terminal-Grandpa.


Portraitbug's September Challenge!

My favorite month of the year and my favorite store. All together in one fabulous challenge with a cool prize! Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to create an album and document every day in September. Bring the album to Portraitbug within the first week of October and you'll win a $10 credit for the store!! Can't wait to get some of the wonderful stuff Julie & Kim brought back from CHA! Click here for more details!




I've had a really crazy couple of days. We have a friend visiting New York and we're doing all the fun touristy things you only do when someone's visiting! Just wanted to post a little update about what's coming soon:
  • Lots and lots of photos & collages
  • My 30 days to 30 mini album
  • My finished City hall wedding mini album
  • Photos of the wonderful things my mother's making and selling at her Etsy shop
  • Photos of my first scrapbook layouts
Please be patient. I promise it'll be worth while.

Thanks for visiting. - C-ya! -



I did it!

Finally created a blog! I'd been trying to do it for the longest time and finally it's here. I will use this blog to document a bit of my life and my adventures with paper crafts and photography. Hope you enjoy it and please always feel welcomed to leave suggestions/comments. Thanks for visiting!

C-ya! Karolynah