Body By Design Day #45

I ran outside for the first time EVER.  The day was just perfect.  Nice and sunny 60 degrees and my co-worker J (who introduced me to Body By Design and I am eternally grateful for) inspired me to go jogging at lunch time.  Wow was it tough!  I can already run at the gym for 15 minutes without stopping but running outside is a whole other deal.  The wind, the terrain, the sun, all very enjoyable factors but they affect you capacity and I found catching for breath earlier than I thought.

At night we went to the gym and did the upper body workout.  We've been either increasing the weight or the reps and we usually do 4 sets of each exercise.  When I try to lift the dumbells I started with, I feel they're weightless!!! I feel am so strong!

I've been really slacking this week with the food :-(  I mean, I've been eating sensibly but haven't cooked in a couple of days.  So today's lunch was a case of sardines and a slice of bread...I know, nutritious but...sad lunch.  I think I'll treat myself to a yummy salad tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 75 degrees! whoo hoo!!!


  1. Running outside is definitely different than running on the treadmill. I used to prefer the treadmill, but now I love a good pavement session! :)

  2. yeah, I think I'm going to try it at least every other week so I can start getting used to it! Thanks for visiting Stephanie. I LOVE your blog!