Body By Design Day #37

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I already knew what was coming on Valentine's Day: A delicious breakfast offered from one of our coworkers to the ladies in the company (which included heart-shaped-chocolate-covered donuts) and chocolate.  Lots of it and lots of different kinds...

I was mentally prepared to enjoy it all :-)  I mean, how could I not celebrate Love day?  And when I showed up at work and saw this:

How could I turn around and say "no thanks, I'll eat my green hemp pancake instead!".  I enjoyed everything you saw on that photo and even a couple of Kit Kats later in the day.  It felt good.  I have been so good with the Body By Design diet, even when I "cheated" was with fruit or overdoing the almonds or cashews.  I hadn't had chocolate in more than a month, much less biscuits...oh biscuits... I love the South...
So I considered all of this as a reward, allowing myself to enjoy, savor and be thankful for every bite.  Just that day though.

Of course I ran to the gym after work and tried to burn it all off.  Don't know if I succeeded, but I felt good.

Hope you had a nice Valentines, hope you indulged in something delicious and given with love!


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