Body By Design Day #38

Do you remember that cup full of candy I was so happy to show you for Valentines?
Let me remind you.  This one:

Well, Wednesday, I kept diggin into that cup of love demise.  I ate almost all of the chocolates (skipped the Sweet Tarts).  Then I went home and ate some tostitos.  I felt terrible.  I felt I had fallen of the wagon.  I felt like maybe this is too much, and I just won't be able to pull it off.  All of those thoughts crossing my mind while munching on Multigrain Tostitos (which are just like crack).  It was strength-training day and I wasn't feeling strong at all, but  I got ready and went to do it anyway.

On the way to the gym, my husband (who didn't know about the events of the day or what I was thinking), told me he had found a photo of me where I looked so fit.  "Me? fit?" "never", I said.  I don't remember feeling "fit" ever.  It goes to show how the image we have of ourselves is soooo different from what people see (which is probably closer to our real image).  Anyway, he said that he's always believed that I can do this and that after seeing that photo, there's no way I can say that I can't loose the weight and be fit.  Then I told him about my day, the chocolates, the tostitos and my sabotaging thoughts.  He looked at me like I was crazy!  "Whaaat?" he said, and then proceeded to tell me that if there's anyone he believes that can do it, it would be me.  That we had been doing this for a month and a half already and it just gets easier, not because any of it is easy, but because we are making it part of our lives.  Love this man.

Guys, a day when you eat that doughnut or that desert, or those chips, it's just another day in life.  The next day, the next moment,  you have another blank slate and YOU are in control.  Having those things occasionally does not mean you've lost control.  It means you are living.  You don't give into the doughnut, you ALLOW yourself to have it and enjoy it 100%.  Right now.  And then later, have fruit if you're craving something sweet.  I think this is the beginning of unlocking the secret to weight management.  It's not depriving yourself or having fear of being left alone in a room made of chocolate because you'll eat it all.  The secret is to be kind to yourself, to allow yourself to enjoy it because you know that YOU make the decisions.  And just as you decide to eat that chocolate today, YOU also decide to go for a walk, to eat some fruit or to drink more water.  You are in control.

By the way, this is the photo my husband was talking about.  It was taken on my birthday a few years ago.   I remember I was happy but definitely didn't feel fit.  What do you think?


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