Body By Design Day #24

Today I wasn't feeling the motivation at all.  I felt tired, a bit sleep deprived and just not in a good mood.  Thank God I had a date with some of my girlfriends to go pottery painting.  We had been to Dish it Out here in Charlotte and wanted to try a new place closer to my house.  We went to Our Paintin' Place in the Northlake Area.  Although they had less items to choose from, I loved that the use of their studio space (which is very nice and comfortable) is included in the price of the item!  I started painting a 6x6 tile and since I couldn't finish it, I can go back as many times I want until I'm happy with it and it can be fired. 

I was not prepared at all food-wise to go to pottery painting right after work so by the time I got there I was STARVING!  Not. good. at. all.
I ended up @ Panera having a panini....not that bad but definitely not nutritious...

By the time I got home I did not want to go to the gym but sit on my sofa and watch "How I Met Your Mother".  My husband wasn't feeling up for it either but I'm so proud we still went.  It wasn't our best day but I am proud to say that I did 10 Bench Dips.   I don't remember if I've mentioned this but this is a summary of my experience with Bench Dips:
  • Week 1: Able to do ONE only 
  • Week 2: Able to do FOUR
  • Week 3: Able to do SIX
  • Week 4: Able to do TEN!!!!
Ten very well done dips my friends.  Moral of the story: No matter how "bad" your day is going, there's still room for good things to come your way.  You just gotta push through it!


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