Body By Design Day #31

Wednesday was a good day! The weather was a little discouraging at the time I had to go out for my walk.  I considered just not going and reading a magazine instead (surprising how we can come up with excuses in a second!).  Instead, I grabbed an umbrella in case it started raining and stepped out the door.

Five minutes later, the sun was out! I walked really fast to raise my heartbeat and then stayed at the same pace for about 30 minutes.  I did my workout and I got some sun shining on my face as a reward :-)

When I got home, I made an omelet with 5 egg whites, some tofu sausage (I know I shouldn't eat this so often...) and mushrooms.  I added some pepper and hot sauce and yum!

Last week I started watching "24" again on Netflix.  Oh boy.... I. Can't. Stop. Watching..... It's been my guilty pleasure lately.  I guess it's a better guilty pleasure than cheesecake or donuts right? Please say yes :-)

At 9:30pm we were out the door and going to the gym.  We were actually looking forward to the workouts since we've been feeling so good and so strong.  We increased the repetitions on most of the exercises and now I even lift the same weight as my husband in at least two!! haha!

Then it came the time to do the bench dips.  If you remember from this post, I have been able to increase the reps each week.  Week one I could only do one and today, on week 5, I did 12!!! 12!!! 12!!! Can you feel the excitement we're feeling around here? I hope so!

The reason for this blog and the following photo is this:

"Be transparent with your goals -- tell as many supportive people as you can. By putting your reputation on the line and staring in the face of certain embarrassment, you are much more accountable to see your goals through, for life." Chris Gethin - Body By Design

I asked my husband to take a picture of my bench dip #12.  Very unflattering picture indeed but what the heck, I've lost all shame and only care that I'm able to do this!  
Strong is the new thin!!


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