Happy Sunday!

Finally, I got some time to take photos of my latest creations and update my September Daily Journal. Had an awesome week with lots of birthday celebrations, good company, sweet sentiments and delicious cakes (yes, had about 4 cakes...) If I can take one single thing I learned in my twenties onto my thirties it would be friendship. I am so thankful to have people in my life whom I can call my friends. People who care about me, love and accept me for who I am. People who are like a breath of fresh air everytime i spend time with them. Cheering me up or cheering for me. The best gift of my twenties to my thirties is definately friendship.
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September Daily updates

This layout was a lot of fun. Used a doily to mask the page, painted it red (I love red) and a page about summer wouldn't be complete with some yellow thrown into the mix. Summer was instantaneously over. Just like that. Bye bye summer....

On this one I wanted to write down "realistic" health goals. Although I feel now that they may not be very realistic after all. But I will try. I turn 30 in two days and want this new decade to be full of health. Physical, mental and emotional.

I have to confess I'm not that crazy about how it turned out. Something about the journaling on tracing paper and the busy background....Seems to get lost somehow.... I still have to work on my composition and color contrast....
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave any comments or suggestions/advice you may have. I'd really appreciate it!
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  Go to obamiconme to turn your photos into an art icon...so much fun and so easy.  Have fun!

Art Journal #2

Hello again! Another update from my art journaling adventure with Elise Blaha's workshop.
She had an awesome tutorial to teach us how to make the covers for this book. I used contact paper for the wood-looking pattern and wallpaper with a cut-out word "art" from a brochure my darling hubby brought me.

Today's prompt was to build a page using layers, colors I don't usually work with and type that stands out in contrast. I used brown colors to build circles that I stapled together to make the page. I then used the words"fall in love" that I found on a Victoria's Secret catalog (-= I thought they would go perfectly now that the fall is officially starting. I also love how the hot pink stands out from the brown background. I'm loving this class!!

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September 6 Journal Entry

This one was done really fast.  Just painted some gesso on the cardboard, sprinklered blue glitter and then sprayed black ink mixed with water.
This one was inspired on the movie "why do we fight" Which I watched with my husband today and really liked.  I highly recommend it.
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Sept 5th Journal Entry

Doilies from the 99c store, paint, stamps, wax paper envelope and scraps of paper
The little pocket is great for hiding secret messages!

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Septermber 2,3 & 4th

September 2 &3

I love the effect of white letters lined with black.  They really jump out of the page
September 4

Here I used butterfly stamps on paper and cardboard and then cut them out and added a little bit of glitter
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September 2009 Art Journal

I wanted to give you an update of the art journal I'm working on for the workshop with Elise Blaha I'm having a lot of fun and have found that I absolutely love art journaling.  It's so free and relaxing to sit down for half an hour and just create something with scraps of paper, some paint and glitter.  Put down some thoughts and be done! Very different from my experience with scrapbooking in which I'd sit down for hours working on a single layout and then keep thinking "should I add something more?"  
Front Cover

This is just some gesso, doodling with a sharpie, ribbon and a bracket made with a cup sleeve from starbucks

September 1st entry

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Finally, it's here!! Thank God for Fridays.  They always seem like the beginning of an adventure.  Like anything can happen after 5pm and you have all the time in the world to sleep in, watch t.v, run errands, clean the house, do laundry, get crafty, watch movies, visit friends....etc.  Fridays are a promise that the next 48 hours are entirely yours to use at your leisure.  For me, they are the spring after a week of winter...where everything around me comes alive.  have a great looong spring-like weekend!


Visual Adventures workshop with Elise Blaha

Stayed home sick with a cold.  Had time to finally work on the first journal for Elise Blaha's Visual Adventures workshop.  This is the bare bones of the book.  I am using it as my September daily journal.

Here you can see the ribbon binding.  It's so easy!

Also learned how to make my own brackets to use as frames or embellishments!

These are envelopes I made using wax paper, ribbon and strips of patterned paper.  I'm learning so much in the class! Really enjoying it.  I'll show more photos as I add pages to the book.  Thanks!
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