A New Year

It's been a whole year since I last posted on this blog.  I actually created another blog to kind of start fresh... That was back in September and here I am, on the 2nd of January of 2012 wanting to blog and wondering if I should use the new blog or just continue on this one.  Well, Paperspices was my first blog.  I had a lot of fun posting and showcasing the things I was doing back in 2009 when I started getting crafty :-)
So, I decided to keep it! We will continue to grow together and when the time comes, (or a better name comes to mind) we'll part ways.  But for now, here I am.  To help me get into the creative zone again, I've signed up for Alisa Burke's "Create Daily" online class.  I've admired Alisa's work for so long that I decided it was about time to take a class from her and this class is perfect!  It's about finding time to do something inspiring/creative everyday.  Be it a couple of minutes to take some photos or 30 minutes of art journaling, It can be done!  Check out her webpage for more info on her classes!

Welcome 2012.  I'm so ready for you! And to celebrate the new year and the promise of a better me, I created my own manifesto.  I had always loved the Aardvark Manifesto and wanted to make my own.  Yesterday I woke up bright and early and made it.  I used photoshop (which is VERY time consuming for working with type but it's what I have) but InDesign would've been much better.  Anyway, here it is.  I hope you like it and maybe get inspired to make your own!  I already made an order to have it made into a small poster to put in my studio!

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog!


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