Body By Design Day #22

Monday... no amount of sleep would've been enough for our muscles to recover from Sunday's hike.  Wow.  I felt muscles I didn't know I had.  What's interesting is that in the midst of this pain, I feel strong, stronger than ever.  I was a bit unprepared this morning and just made a smoothie with hemp protein, banana, raspberries and oats (soaked in water overnight).  It was very filling but the fruits are definitely not in the program.  Didn't do very well on my meals because I was just so busy I didn't realize it was time to eat so I only had my lunch which was Quinoa Salad from yesterday with cubed tofu.

The Monday workout is the easiest one but it was tough for us.  We were still very sore from the hike on Sunday but we pushed through it.  And so we begin our fourth week in the program.  I have not weighed myself, but I do feel better in my clothes and my husband 's seeing very big improvements in his muscle definition.  We keep each other motivated and seeing how the body responds so well also helps!


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