Body By Design Day #13

Weekends are always tricky.  We wake up late, meals are not at the right times...  But today we did go to the gym and did the whole strength workout.  I'm so proud, that's two weeks going three times per week.  I'm already feeling stronger and with much more stamina.  Can't wait to start increasing the weights!

I made pasta with tofurky sausage (I swear, it's delicious) and lots of veggies.  Skipped the afternoon walk because it rained all day and we stayed inside watching "How I met your mother" on Netfilx (I highly recommend it).  Not a very successful day to be honest.  Aside from going to the gym, I didn't have the six meals, I did eat some tostitos...  and I skipped my afternoon workout.  I hope to make up for it tomorrow.  We go to the greenway with a group of friends every Sunday to jog, walk and ride our bikes.  That'll be a good 2 hrs of good exercise!


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