Body By Design Day #15

I gained 1/2 a pound last week.  Did nothing different than the first week except for giving up coffee everyday and also started taking fish oil supplements.  I don't know if it's water weight, or the fish oil or coffee withdrawal but I gained instead of losing.  This has happened to me before, I'm recognizing a pattern:  I loose a LOT of weigh the first week of a new weight loss program, I assume my body doesn't know what hit it and just sheds a bunch of fat and water and then it realizes what's going on and tries to adjust.  By this time in my past attempts at loosing weight, I've already quit.  But not this time.  I'm not quitting, I feel really great, I have energy ALL DAY.  I sleep like a baby.  My mood has stabilized and I'm pretty much in a contempt mode that I like to think of as pure, peaceful joy.  I feel lighter, more agile.  I even signed up to do one of those Mud Runs where you go through a bunch of obstacles for miles and end up with mud up to your ears.  I feel I can do it.  That's how good I feel.  No quitting, we're just beginning.

This is my third week in the Body By Design program and I decided to not weigh myself until I complete 5 weeks which is the first phase.  That way I don't get fixated on a number, but in how good I feel, how my endurance and strength has improved and how my pants are fitting.  I'll weigh myself and take measurements at the end of this first 5-week phase and share them with you.  Wish me luck!


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