Body By Design Day #6

I found out this weekend that it is tougher to follow the plan on the weekend.  You'd think that since you're off from work, you have more freedom and it'd be easier but noooo.  Saturday I woke up a little later than usual and at the end of the day, I had missed one meal.  We went out for the most part of the day and thank God I had prepared the protein shakes to take with us, otherwise we would've had to eat out.  My last meal, which was at around 8pm, was pasta with tuna and veggies (recipe to come).  I'm not supposed to have any carbs after 3pm but I had to eat it because it was the only real meal of the day.  So the nutrition part of the plan was really tough to follow but the exercise, it was a total success!

My hubby had a soccer game at a park, so after the game, we went for the 20 minute walk.  Very invigorating.  Then at around 8pm (there should be at least 5 hrs difference between the two workouts), I went for another walk around my apartment complex.  Very easy, done before I knew it!  If I were to preach something, I would definitely preach about taking walks during your day.  It helps clear the mind, you feel the blood pumping and the sensation of doing something for yourself is just amazing.  Another item in my manifesto is: "Love yourself by moving, walking and dancing" DONE!

Pasta with tuna & veggies....yum! I made so much I think we'll be eating this for the next couple of days...
Monday is weigh-in day... a little terrifying but whatever the outcome, I will continue this.  It just feels right.


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