Body By Design Day #14

Sunday was a REALLY good day! We went to the Greenway with a group of friends and walked/jogged almost 4 miles!
At the finish line!

I wore my heart rate monitor and according to the reading, I burned 900 calories, whoo hoo! And ladies and gentlemen, it is all about planning.  I woke up @8am and had a slice of bread with peanut butter, then at 11 on the way to the greenway, we had a banana/hemp/chia seeds/strawberry shake.  When we were done I did have a cup of coffee and then a Vega protein shake on our way home.  Did not feel hungry AT ALL.  And that makes all the difference.  If you have what you need, when you need it, it prevents you from eating whatever's available (which it was donuts and croissants).  I felt satisfied and focused on sharing and talking with friends rather than on eating.

In the evening I skipped my afternoon walk and finished a bag of chips...they were so good.  All in all an ok weekend.  I did stay on track for most of the time and managed to enjoy and even indulge a couple of treats here and there :-)

Today is monday...you know what that means: Weigh-in day! aaaahhh!


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