Body By Design Day #12

Friday was an "ok" day.  I started to have some cravings for ice cream.  Ice cream of all things! So I went out with a friend and got myself a yummy cup of chai (totally not in the program but I decided to enjoy it).  I know I'm not having coffee every morning but I want to have it once in a while as a treat, only when in good company or when I'm relaxing at home.  It definitely satisfied my cravings and let me tell you, I savored that cup of goodness and appreciated it very very much.

It was a little bit cold today.  50 degrees seems to be "freezing" weather for southerners.  But I put my gloves on and went out on my daily lunch walk.  25 minutes went by so fast! I use that time to catch up with mom or listen to my favorite songs.

I ate my lunch in the cafeteria with one of my coworkers.  he was telling me about his grandmother who is 103 yrs old.  I asked him, "what's her secret?".  He said " she tells me all the time to listen to the "great spirit".  That if I listen to it, I will live to to be even older than her and in good health and in peace".  I take the "great spirit" to be God, or the divinity that is in all of us that knows it all.  We have that with us, at all times.  We just have to Listen just like Charlie's grandma said.  I kept that thought with me all day.  Listen to yourself and you will live long and healthy.


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