Body By Design Day#7

Sunday I woke up really late... ughh.  So I really only had 4 meals out of the 6.  I ate half a bag of shelled peanuts and put condensed milk in my coffee (I gave up coffee during the week).  So I "cheated" but with good things so it's not really that bad right?  At the beginning of this program we got rid of all the cookies, the cheese, the yummy bread, all the things I would go to if I felt hungry.  Now, if I'm hungry, whatever I eat if it's not part of the plan, at least it's healthy.

Again, the workout part was a success.  I put my favorite music on my ipod and went out at around 11am for my morning walk.  The sun was shining, the breeze was cool and refreshing.  Just beautiful.  Then at around 6, I went out again with the hubby for the evening walk.  Equally enjoyable, equally doable.  It's only 20 mins.  Go out and give that to yourself, it's really beneficial.

Found these berries during my walk... So  nice to find some color in the middle of winter!

We had leftover whole wheat pasta with tuna & veggies for meals #1 & #2.  Then I had that coffee with a slice of sprouted cinamon bread (yummy...but not on the plan...) And since I ate half a bag of peanuts, I felt so full for like 4 hrs so I didn't have another meal until 8:30.  That's 4 meals only but it's the wkend so I'm not stressing over it.  Monday's weigh-in day!!


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