Body By Design Day #11

I'm starting to get into the rhythm and establish a routine that makes sense. I love going to the gym with my husband because we go through the exercises together, we correct each others form and posture and time just flies by.  But he doesn't get home until 9:15-9:20pm.  We considered going separately but found a way to make it work.  I get home and have time to rest, think about the next day's meals and even read or do a little bit of crafting.  I leave everything ready for the next day.  This includes: my clothes and 4 meals; that way, when we get home @10:00-10:30, all we have to do is shower and go to bed.  it's been working really well!  It is time consuming, yes, very time consuming but I made the decision to give this my full attention.  Also, I'm seeing the cooking and preparation of meals as a way of showing love to myself and my husband, just like in my manifesto: "Cook as a form of meditation and as a love offering to yourself and others".  Think about this a little, if our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food, don't you think we should give it the importance and time it deserves? At least if we want to stay away from doctors and medications.

And since most of my free time is being spent in the kitchen and I don't have much time for crafts, I decided to use that time and play with food a little...

 I got these beautiful peppers at the farmer's market and made color palettes with them!

 I'd love to do some sketches later and use these wonderful colors


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