Body By Design Day #4

Had Hemp and Oat pancakes again.  Just a smaller portion with a tablespoon of Trader Joe's Spicy Black Bean Dip.  VERY satisfying.  I snaked on blueberries (not part of the body by design program but I refuse to part with them...they're my favorite) and a handful of almonds and walnuts.  Lunch was the Quinoa-Tilapia stir fry from last night.

The weather was really windy but sunny so I went and had lunch at the park and got my 20 minutes of cardio in! It was really invigorating and I found to be more productive and had a really great mood all afternoon.  Mid-day walks should be mandatory at the workplace.  Seriously!

Thursday night I had a sewing date with a friend and got home so late.  But I was so proud to have prepared myself beforehand.  "Plan ahead" is one of the sentences in my manifesto and yes, it does take time and work and a little bit of anxiety at first, but it is SO WORTH IT!  At 6pm I had my Vega shake ready to drink and @ 8:30 I had my dinner at her house.  I totally skipped the evening workout but hey, it's ok.  I'd rather get a really good night's sleep which in fact I did!

Day #4 a total success!  I will try to take more photos of my food and little details of my day to accompany my posts I promise!  Happy Friday!!


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