Body By Design Day #20

Saturday I volunteered at the Latin American Coalition to help the community with their naturalization documents. It felt so good to to help out and also meet really smart and kind people. I felt like I was doing something also for my own well being. Not necessarily exercise but something that gave me a boost in confidence and it made my day.

One of my friends makes the most delicious cupcakes ever and she made a batch last week.  She sent me two and I enjoyed every last bit of them.  The were really small so I don't think it made a big difference.

I didn't do any of my workouts but at night we went out on a party bus!  We danced all night and I only had about half a drink.  We had a delicious vegetable soup that my hubby whipped up and made sure we were really full so that we wouldn't be tempted with any chips.  We did really well and I'm sure we burned plenty of calories.  I liked the idea of doing something active and fun on the weekends instead of the regular walking/elliptical/bike workouts.

Party Bus painted with the Colombian flag :-)

The party bus experience was AWESOME! We drove around Charlotte, dancing, laughing and waving to strangers looking at our very loud bus!


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