Body By Design Day #21

Sunday oh Sunday! I knew I wasn't going to do any of the daily workouts because I'd be doing enough exercise hiking on Crowder's Mountain, I just didn't know that's I'd be doing 5 days worth of workout on that day... That was really INTENSE!.  We hiked going up the mountain in about an hour and a half.  The hike was fun, meaning it was really interactive, a little bit of just walking, a little bit of going up hill, a little bit of climbing on really cool rocks and a lot of wonderful views.  See for yourself:

We were supposed to meet our friends at the beginning of the hike but were about 45 minutes late of course...  We finally caught up with our friends at the top of the mountain...

You could see the city of Charlotte from there.

According to my hubby, until you climbed up to this rock, you cannot say you got to the top of the mountain.  I thought about joining him but then he said "the trick is to jump up here and know when to stop before you keep going... going down the precipice, that is"... Um, "no thanks" I said.  I just enjoyed the views, the fresh air and the liberating feeling of being alone with nature all around you.

We then proceeded to hike back down, taking another trail which I'm glad we didn't take going up because it was 25% stairs...  This took us about 2 hours!  I had never walked for so long in my life, but I did have fun and my body hurt, specially my legs.

We hiked for 7.3 miles in total.  Now you understand why I said it was 5 days worth of exercise!

We're definitely going back!  The challenge is to keep going until we're in such great shape that nothing hurts when we finish :-)


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