Body By Design Day #3

Yesterday started feeling a bit sleepy.  I still have trouble getting into bed at 10.  Need more sleep.  For breakfast I had a new pancake recipe: hemp powder, whole meal pancake mix from Trader Joe's, oat milk (make by soaking oats overnight and then blending it.  The result is a really yummy and creamy milk), and 1 egg.  The pancakes are green but good!  Better than eggs everyday, so I'll alternate the two recipes.  I had another one for my snack at 10 am.  Lunch was the same salad from last night.  
Couldn't get that 20 min cardio session in due to torrential southern rain :-(  Hubby's been getting out of work late and I really enjoy working out with him so I waited and did 30 mins on the treadmill before our strength training session. IT WAS REALLY TOUGH.  But we went through it although I could only do one set of ONE rep on the bench dips.  Those bench dips are HARD!  Now I know that I am really getting stronger if I can go beyond one rep of those suckers.

Dinner was a "stir fry" of quinoa, mushrooms, onion, peppers, little bit of egg whites and tilapia... It was soo good!

 Loooove Quinoa!

My favorite brand.  I order it from Amazon

Oh, and I'm super excited that I finally got my VEGA Food Optimizer Whoo Hoo! I am so ready! I confess the berry flavor's not my favorite but after reading all the ingredients, I don't care.  I WANT ALL THAT IN MY BODY! So I'll be having one of those at 6pm before my workouts.  I had it last night and I really felt energized and even stronger.

I'm not tired of the food, I'm happy with the workouts, I'm sleeping much better, waking up much more energized and eating lots of veggies.  I also stopped drinking coffee after reading it promotes cortisol production so I'm testing that to see how well I do without my morning caffeine fix.

Day #3 is done and I'm loving it!


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