Body By Design Day #17

I did struggle a bit on this day with the food.  I had very strong cravings for something sweet, something crunchy.  I think that because I had been eating the same thing for about three days, I was just bored.  So when I got home I immediately cooked a really nice meal consisting of grilled tofu with cauliflower and broccoli.  I had also cooked some sweet potatoes (which I LOVE).  I really enjoyed having a warm, home cooked meal and satisfied my cravings for sweets with the sweet potato.  The moral of the story is: Keep your meals interesting by varying ingredients and ways of cooking.  I think my body wanted something sweet because I hadn't eaten anything sweet in a while.  By keep king our meals varied with different flavors, seasonings and textures, we keep cravings from unleashing the cookie monster in us!

No photo for you today but here I am, going strong.  Thanks for visiting!


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