Body By Design Day #8

Holy moly Monday!!! This really works! I weighted myself today and I lost 6 lbs last week!!  I'm so happy, so proud, I feel great, have more energy, I'm a good mood most of the time and have a better outlook in general.  This is good ladies and gentleman.  I think it's a breakthrough.

Today at lunchtime I told one of my coworkers how much I had lost and she immediately said "I'll join you in your walk at noon!".  She said she felt inspired and we had a really nice walk at the park.

About my walks, I was trying to walk as fast as I could and I was even breaking a sweat.  But I went back to the book and read the part on "raising your heart-rate into your fat-burning zone".  It turns out that I don't have to walk so fast.  It should be fast and consistent enough to get my heart-rate up but not so fast that I can't talk while walking.  I used my heart rate monitor to see exactly how that feels so I can do it again.

Last night my hubby (who's been extremely supportive) chopped up all the vegetable we needed for this week.

Look at these beauties.  Some are from the farmer's market and some are not, I figure that even if they're not all organic, at least they're better than a cheeseburger right?

Yummy zucchini!


Garlic: My best friend in the kitchen!

Throw them into omelets and stir frys


 Pure, colorful goodness

I had never before eaten so healthy before.  I had done weight watchers but overdosed on processed foods in order to keep the points down.  Don't get me wrong, I still think weight watchers is an excellent program but it defeats the purpose when we just buy the frozen foods and everything low fat and low calorie.  Ideally you'd only rely on whole foods but that's usually not the case.  With this program, it's so straight forward: 6 meals containing a carb, a protein a vegetable and a condiment.  That's it.  Whole foods at their best!

Six pounds gone.  So excited.  Thanks for visiting!


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