52 Moments - Moment#1

 52 Moments is a new project seeking to inspire, motivate and get you living life. Every week for a year they’ll present you with a new task/goal/moment, to inspire and enrich your life.  Become a part of the movement and share your moments and experiences with the world here.

It started yesterday with moment #1  It reads something like this:

Moment#1: "It's time to act, to learn and grow - to figure out where it is you want to go.  Regroup, refocus and share with us" 

I already signed up and submitted my moment #1: (photo taken during my mid-day walk)

 "It's time to take my body into consideration and 
I will do everything I can to give it what it deserves: 
to be healthy, thriving and young.  
This week I started a fitness program that will change my life".

Sounds pretty compromising right? I re-grouped, re-focused and realized that it's time to stop being afraid of compromise.  It's time to dive-in, to believe in yourself and that by giving this purpose all of you attention, it will be ok.  You will be ok, whatever the outcome.

It's a great opportunity to be inspired, to do something only for yourself,  to take a photograph of something meaningful to you every week.  Wanna join 52 moments? It just started yesterday!  Go here.


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