Body By Design Day #10

Feeling really great today.  Went for a walk with a coworker and had a really good, insightful chat with her.  These walks at lunch time are becoming my favorite part of the day.  I had the Salmon burger I made at lunch and was full until 5pm when I had my protein shake.  I feel so convinced, so motivated to do this.  I keep watching videos and reading articles on health and wellness that just confirm that we should take control of our health, of our bodies.  This is a great way to keep motivated and truly convinced to keep up the good work!

 This was dinner last night: Lettuce, tomato & spinach salad with avocado and.... sardines! I' don't usually eat them... I've had that tin of sardines sitting in my pantry for the last two months but after reading how good they are for you, I decided to eat them.  They were surprisingly good! As long as I don't keep looking at my plate to see the bones and other body parts :-)


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