Body By Design Day #49

On Sunday we did go to the gym and proceeded to do the hardest workout since we started this program.  10 weight lifting exercises from Body By Design (most of them for legs, which I LOVE), three sets of crunches on the bench and three sets we wanted to do on the pectoral fly machine to strengthen those chest muscles :-)
Yikes... I know we'll feel it all on Monday....

We weighed ourselves like we do every week and I gained muscle mass but only lost .1 lbs.  That had me a bit discouraged.  My husband actually gained weight and muscle mass! At least one of us was a total winner!
After I had a fight with my body, arguing that I was making such a big effort so that it should deliver big results, I apologized and thanked God for letting me do this.  I am becoming so strong and I know everything I'm doing is beneficial to me health, independently of what the scale says.

We then went grocery shopping, with a menu and list in hand.  This is the first time we do this.  We usually go and buy the same things week after week.  With no menu in mind.  The result is lots of things don't make it into the pot and they get ruined sitting in the fridge.  This time, we bought less, but of much better quality (90% organic).  It felt like a prize or an indulgence to get all of these pesticide/hormone-free goodies!

When we got home, the hubby did his magic with the help of a kitchen knife and some containers:

Red & White onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, celery and 
red & yellow peppers!
Please ignore the two wine bottles in the back... :-)

I LOVE an organized fridge!  I made a lentil stew and cooked some rice to begin the week!


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