Body By Design Day #35

Sunday, oh Sunday, why are you so sweet but short? We slept in, went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes, walked another ten and did the elliptical for another 10.  I find that using different equipment keeps the workouts fun and it may trick my body into burning more fat (I made that up, but who knows).

We visited some friends, had a subway sandwich (because I wasn't prepared.... no cheese and definitely no mayo).  I did make oatmeal for breakfast and added the Vega protein to it...hmmm Not a good idea.  It turned out green, and not a nice green, a yucky-I-don't want-to-eat-this-green.  We ate it anyway after adding some blueberries to it.  I'm not even going to torture you with a picture of it!

We got home at a decent hour and I even had time to prepare some meals for the week, take my measurements now that I finished Phase I and read a little bit of Middlesex (which I've been reading for like, 2 months).

One of the things I prepared was salmon burgers.  I made these very often, but this time I decided to add spinach to them.  Yeap, they also turned out green, just like my oatmeal.  But they are so delicious!!  I thought I'd give you an idea of how I make them and you'll see how easy they are!

First, add some chunks of salmon and add to food processor.

 Add some minced garlic (I use a lot)

 add chopped onions


 a handful of spinach (don't add if you don't want your burgers to turn green)

and oatmeal, yes, oatmeal.  Who knew?


I seasoned the mix with some Bragg's Liquid Aminos but you can add whatever you like 
(I'm thinking some chipotle would be yummy...)


 Shape the mixture into patties (not too thick and try to ignore the fluorescent green hehehe)

And cook them on medium heat with the lid on.  I cooked mine with some coconut oil.

 Enjoy them as you would a regular burger, or cut into small pieces and add to a green salad.  Yummmm!


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