Body By Design Day #40

Friday was a happy day.  I usually prepare the clothes I'm going to wear for work the night before.  So on Thursday night I got the jeans and sweater out of the bedroom (I hate turning on the light for my hubby while he's still sleeping).  And on Friday I realized the jeans I had taken were a pair that had been in my closet and not worn for about a year.  I had them there as a reminder that I had to get back in there as they are a size smaller than what I have been wearing.  Well I decided to try them on and: ta-da! they fit! they fit! they fit!!!  They were not loose and yes a bit snug, but I went from not being able to get them past my hips, to actually closing the zipper without loosing my breath!

Happy Day.  So I went to the gym that night.  Totally motivated :-)


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