Body By Design Day #47

Friday I took the day off from workouts.  I didn't go for a walk at lunchtime either.  Could it be I'm loosing motivation? I hope not.  I must confess I am getting a bit bored of the food.  So I went and had chicken with broccoli for lunch.  And I didn't eat the rice! Good girl!  and yes, I said I had chicken.  Something really strange has been making me crave chicken....  I almost never eat it and I NEVER buy it.  I've had a love/hate relationship with this bird.  Since I started Body By Design, my protein sources have been limited to fish, eggs and tofu.  I'm tired of eggs! And I don't even want to see a pack of tofu.... I think the chicken cravings come from being bored.  I'll think about how to address this during the weekend...

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