Body By Design Day #30

Day #30!!!
I can't believe it's been 30 days already! I think I'm closer and closer to making exercising and eating well and frequently a habit.

My coworker was so curious to see how much I'd lost so we went to get weighed.  I have lost 10 pounds so far!  That's 10lbs in 4.5 weeks! This is a good day for me.  Not only the numbers are decreasing but I'm also getting stronger and even feel a difference in the way I carry myself.  I feel more in control of my movements.  I'm feeling so good and confident that this is here to stay in my life, that I even signed up for a 5K! Yes, I'll be doing a 5K in March.  It's a walk/run event but I'm going to attempt to run all the way.  I feel I can do it.

Had a quinoa salad today for two of my meals.  I just cooked the quinoa in the rice cooker, let it cool and added diced cucumber, tomatoes, onions and I made a dressing with vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil, cumin, a bit of curry powder and a little bit of molasses.  Good stuff!!


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