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I've been MIA from this space for a while now but I'm still here, I'm still actively trying to craft, to cook and move around and keep healthy.  I still have some Body By Design posts I have yet to publish (they will come) but I  thought I could give you a report of my experience:

The program consisted of three phases, the last one going on for three weeks.  We didn't finish the last phase but completed phases I & II.  I lost 10 lbs total and I also won the Biggest Looser competition at work!

I could focus on why we didn't complete the program or what made us ultimately stop but I will focus on the positive aspects of the experiment.  I believe if I do this, it'll be easier to build on those skills and habits we formed during those 9 weeks and  keep implementing them into our daily lives. 

#1  We shared something healthy and different  as a couple and made exercise a priority:   The fact that we were doing this together, made it more doable.  We had a commitment with each other and when the time to hit the gym came, (sometimes 9:30-9:45 pm...) we just went even if we were tired.  

#2 We started drinking a supplementary drink for workouts:  The program really emphasized the need to give our bodies enough fuel before and after our intense workouts. I wanted to find a protein shake which didn't contain any milk (trying to limit my milk intake to only cheese) and no sugar or anything artificial.  I was so happy to find VEGA products and decided to try their Whole Food Optimizer, which they recently replaced with VEGA ONE.  I must confess, it takes some time getting used to it, but just knowing that your body is getting all those benefits, (chlorella, spirulina, minerals, vitamins and only stevia as sweetener) made it easier to drink and ultimately we just loved how we felt more energy and stamina. 

#3 We started eating more frequently:  The program is designed to keep your metabolism active all day by eating small meals every 3 hrs.  This was hard at first because I had to plan and take all those meals to work.  But we did it!

#4 We ate homemade meals 100% of the time:  I had to include cooking into my daily routine.  No matter how much I wanted to just watch "24" all night or do anything else, I had to allocate the time to cook fresh meals everyday.

#5 We felt proud:  Everyone knew we were doing this and we felt SO PROUD about it.  People would say "wow I could never o that!" or, "that's so committed!"  and we just smiled and eventhough we weren't sure how we were making it happen, it was happening!

So that's my report on Body By Design.It felt good to write this down because as I mentioned, it would be more natural for me to focus on how I "only" lost 10 lbs or how we didn't finish the program or how on earth I would be able to do it again.  By writing the positive, I can see how those 5 points are so doable even if I'm not in the program.  I will follow through on my decision to take care of my health and be more active and those 5 points are 5 lessons that I am sure work, and make me feel good.

Thank you for accompanying me in this journey and I will keep you posted.  Keep looking uner the "Health and Wellbeing" category for upcoming posts on health.

Now back to regular programming....


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