i went to my first crop this weekend...

... and i liked it! Must confess that i was extremely nervous but equally excited.  When i decided to pack, i didn't know what to bring! Do you bring all your stuff or just a few things and work with that?
Well, since i was taking the subway, i was limited to just 2 medium bags so i packed some pretty papers, glimmer mist, gesso and adhesive and pens.  Then i took a few photos and i figured i would choose what to do with them there.  i arrived at the crop and was received by a wonderful group of women.  They waited for me with warm, homemade soup and a much needed glass of wine! It snowed in NY yesterday so i was freezing!
i sat down and worked for a while on finishing the design of my Christmas cards (which i'm planning to mail this week.  i will post photos once they're done) and i worked on this layout:

i used some photos we took on a hike in Pennsylvania earlier this year.  i wanted to capture a moment in time and how that moment was fun-filled and sweet.  An adventure.  i used a mask to create the gesso background, then sprayed some glimmer mist and added the photos.  i used acrylic paint to paint a frame that would bring together all the photos and make it cohesive.  Then i added some heart embellishments made with TOILET PAPER and watercolors.  Yes! toilet paper! This is a technique i learned in Julie Balzer's class.  It's one of my favorites because it's so cheap, easy to make and the texture is amazing.  i make whole patterned paper sheets covered with the toilet paper and watercolors and then cut out different shapes to use later. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Good for you! I am going to my first crop in February. Did you bring enough stuff? Should you have brought more or less?

  2. I did bring just enough. I discovered that since my supplies were limited, I spent less time deciding what to use next. So I worked faster than I do @ home. I will try to put just a few items on my desk before I work on a project and just stick to using those from now on and see if it works!
    By the way, thanks for stopping by (-=

  3. karolynah,
    LOVE your layout! so funky and cool :)
    Thanks for stopping by my little blog and saying hello. very sweet. have a happy week!