Coffee cup Friendship Mini Book

It's Friday!!!  i wanted to share with you a little weekend project which actually can be finished in a few hours!  Found this tutorial on Ali Edward's blog and decided to play along! Wilna Furstenberg provided pdf's of the pages and then i added some color, adhered it to cardstock (she recomends printing on photo paper but i didn't have any) and added my photos and embellishments.

i turned 30 two months ago and when the big day was approaching i kept asking myself what was the best gift from my 20's to my new 30's? The answer was great friendships.  People i love and love me back the way i am.  Relationships, old and new where i've found support, a hug or just someone to listen to.  For the love, laughter, sharing, compassion and kindness i've found in friends, i decided to make the minibook about friendship.
Hope you enjoy it! (more pics here and pics from the albums created by other designers here)

Some detailed shots:

Do you like it? If you do, go over Ali's blog and search for the project.  You just have to print the PDFs, add photos, color a little here and there and add embellishments as you wish!  Have fun!

Tomorrow i'm attending my first "crop".  i'm so excited and nervous at the same time.  i had no time to print any photos and hav eno idea what to work on from 10am-10pm but i'm sure i'll figure something out and will have lots of fun.  Promise to write about it and post photos from the event!  Have a great weekend!


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