The Highline

Hi all. I created these collages and wanted to share them with you. The photos are from my first visit to the HighLine in New York. The High Line is an urban park created on abandoned freight train tracks. I loved this park It's so New York and I love the mix of vegetation and the roughness of the tracks. I invited my girlfriends to come and they loved it. It's truly a great response to what could've been sees as an eyesore or a problem.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
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Views of Chelsea

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  1. Surely interesting place. I looked over your art journal pages too, you have such nice way of using colours.

  2. Me and my wife Lorna recently went to the High Line, it was so civilised and afterwards we went to that same gallery with the big mountain of cut wood too !!! And I took the same photo of that lovely stained glass window piece - We had the same day !!!
    thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog too !!!