Fall in Love

This fall is not like the others.  I've been calling myself a "summer person" my whole life.  When the first signs of fall arrived, i used to get very moody, feel "blue" and sad.  It's like i had to put my life on hold until the trees turned green again.  This fall's been different.  For the first time, i feel like it's the beginning of something rather than the end.  i feel re-energized, optimistic and i've felt my creative energy getting stronger.  i don't know (yet) why this one's different than the others.  But it feels peaceful, colorful and good.  We went for a walk at a nearby park yesterday and took this photos (pardon my fashion style) which hopefully show they way i feel.  Walking through the rows of trees shedding their leaves, following nature's perfect path, we felt we were also following our own path.  Not knowing where it would lead us, but confident that we'll be fine.


  1. Love these pictures...I totally see why you are loving this FALL! May you continue to find it energizing, creative and joyful!

    The metalic paint on my layout is Lumiere paint...It is a fave of mine -- I think it was originally created for fabric paint -- but I use it on my scrapbook pages. I find it at my art store and online...but I have recently seen it at a JoAnn's store in the paint section!