So i've been wanting to share with you some of the scrapbook layouts i've worked on since i started scrapbooking about eight months ago (with no plans to stop!).  i uploaded them to my flickr page so you can take a look at them and maybe leave comments/suggestions/ideas?

i'm so eager to keep exploring and finally find my style and the art form i enjoy the most (i'm in love with everything right now).  i do know that i'm not a fan of using only ready-made embellishments on my layouts.  i really enjoy the process of designing, painting, cutting and gluing them up myself.  it gives the layouts a more personal touch and they're even more precious to me because i put all my effort into them.  i have to confess that i've been working on my art journal and learning new painting and inking techniques and i haven't finished a layout in some time but i've accumulated a great amount of embellishments and decorated tags and cards thanks to the class i took with Julie Balzer.  This is what i ended up after 30 days of 30 techniques!

This class just opened so many possibilities for me and now i'm on a roll! i can't wait to get home everyday to either sketch, paint or cut something up!  Just so thankful to have found something that's so personal and i enjoy to the max.  So please keep visiting me, i promise i will be posting more often as soon as i put some projects together.  i leave you with a photo of one of my favorite layouts:


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